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SFT Community Development Plans For 2018

Winter break is over and it is high time to set up the plans for the next year. As you know, the main purpose or this website and our community, in general, is to help translators succeed in the complex translation market conditions. So, in this post, I've prepared a...

The Best Holiday Gifts for Translators

If you are lucky enough to date a translator or if you are a translator yourself, you know what can make us happy: an endless supply of freshly ground coffee, a fast laptop and a reliable CAT tool (a real cat is a good supplement, by the way). But when it comes to...

Facebook Page Settings: Challenge #1, Part 3

In the previous post, you learned how to customize general settings of your Facebook Page for business. This post will be the last one in the series about page settings and then we will proceed to page promotion. First, go to your business page and choose Settings...

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