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10Oct 2018
translator's communication failures

I receive messages from translators willing to work with me almost every day and there is nothing bad in trying to establish cooperation with fellow translators. Actually, the word of mouth and personal connections are among the most efficient methods to get more translation gigs in our competitive environment (based on my survey conducted among translators).

However, misusing this method may have an opposite effect. Intrusive and unsystematic communication may only harm your reputation. That’s why I decided to prepare a short list of Dos and Don’ts. Continue reading

09Feb 2018

Will a client pay for my services?

Every freelancer asked this question at least once in his/her career. This question is still topical for many of us – translators who work online. Everyone likes big projects, when contractual relations ensure safe payment, however, we all have to deal with short-term and relatively small tasks (50-200 bucks per project in my case), when signing an agreement is not feasible.

If you don’t have a documentary proof of services provided and your client lives on another side of the Earth, you may have certain doubts about being paid on time or being paid at all.

However, there is a secure option to ensure payment for your freelance services. This option is called “Escrow payment”. Continue reading

11Jan 2018

#BlabbingTranslators was the first live talk show about translation run by Russian translators Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova. Started in 2016, the show had one season with 19 episodes approximately 1-hour long each.

The first season covered such topics as work and life balance, localization of video games, marketing for translators, the creation of a personal website for translators, diversification, industry conferences, future and past of our profession, and much more.  Continue reading

08Jan 2018

Winter break is over and it is high time to set up the plans for the next year. As you know, the main purpose or this website and our community, in general, is to help translators succeed in the complex translation market conditions. So, in this post, I’ve prepared a list of activities aimed to educate freelance translator and help them with their online translation business. Continue reading

20Dec 2017
Best Holiday Gifts for Translators

If you are lucky enough to date a translator or if you are a translator yourself, you know what can make us happy: an endless supply of freshly ground coffee, a fast laptop and a reliable CAT tool (a real cat is a good supplement, by the way).

But when it comes to holiday gifts it can be hard to find a present that is both pleasant and useful. Therefore, in this post, I’ve prepared several cool ideas about holiday gifts for translators. Continue reading

12Dec 2017
For the last three years I gradually shifted from agencies to direct clients and today I’d like to share which client acquisition channels showed the best results in my freelance translation business during 2017 and which channels I’m planning to use in 2018.

It’s not a secret that translating for direct clients is more profitable than working with intermediaries like translation agencies.

For the last three years I gradually shifted from agencies to direct clients and today I’d like to share which client acquisition channels showed the best results in my freelance translation business during 2017 and which channels I’m planning to use in 2018. Continue reading

29Sep 2017
Content Marketing

Hi, SFT-ers! I have run a webinar about content marketing for freelance translators recently and I’d like to share the content of this webinar with those how did not have a chance to take part in a live session.  Today you will learn how to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy and implement it to your existing or future website.

In this webinar, we will consider three main stages of CM: Creation, Publishing, and Distribution of content.

This webinar is sponsored by Smartcat. So if you are looking for a reliable solution for your daily translation tasks — check out Smartcat. It’s free!

Continue reading

25Jul 2017
22 Free Ways to Get Followers for Your Facebook Business Page

It is no surprise that entrepreneurs promoting their services via Facebook strive to optimize advertising costs. Though reducing them to zero is not possible for a sustainable business, there are some easy methods to promote your Facebook business page, get likes and quality followers for free.

In this post, I prepared a set of 22 free proven ways to attract new followers to your Facebook page that will enlarge your audience every day. Continue reading

24Jul 2017

Today is a memorable day for Successful Freelance Translators group. We finally reached 4000 members!

SFT group was established to help freelance translators become better entrepreneurs, find new clients and learn more about the specific nature of online business. Since the first day (26th of March 2016) we have been creating a community of translators ready to help each other with sound advice; thanks to the efforts of our members the group was nominated for Community Choice Awards 2017. Continue reading

23May 2017
Facebook Page General Settings- Challenge #1, Part 2

In the first post about our Facebook Page Challenge, I prepared a set of instructions to help you create your first business page. There were over 60 members willing to take part in the challenge. Some of them already had Facebook business pages, others created their new pages from scratch. However, both types of participants were very active. Thanks a lot for your questions and comments.

Today I would like to continue with fine-tuning your page. From this post, you will learn how to customize your page using General Settings tab. Continue reading

12May 2017
Lessons I Learned From BP17 Translation Conference For Freelance Translators

As you may know, last week I took part in a translation conference for freelance translators held in Budapest.

This was my first international conference, moreover, I was invited as a speaker. I was really excited about that and, at the same time, I felt so nervous that I could not sleep well during the last several days before the conference.

Eventually, it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had! It relates not only to the conference and all awesome people I met there but to the city of Budapest itself. Continue reading

12Apr 2017
A New Book For Translators: The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelance Translator

Our new book, The Ultimate Guide To Becoming A Successful Freelance Translator, is a fast-paced and informative guide to the translation industry and how you can find your place within it. It covers a wide range of topics to help brand-new translators, experienced veterans and even those who are thinking of going into translation but haven’t yet taken the first step. In this article, we’d like to highlight some of our favourite chapters from the book to give you a brief introduction to its content and style. Continue reading

30Mar 2017
Translate Or Find Translators On The Go with Air Translator Mobile App

In late 90-es, Internet changed the way we search for the information. We obtained a powerful tool offering instant access to information across the globe.

But the launch of iPhone in 2007 and the fast-paced development of mobile app market over the next decade changed the way we communicate with people worldwide (e.g. WhatsApp and Snapchat).

However, though the Internet and cell phones almost erased the borders between the countries, language and cultural barriers still exist and the only efficient way to remove these obstacles is to hire a translators or interpreter.

Hopefully, mobile application developers already invented the way to connect people who need translation or interpreting services with linguists via a mobile app called Air Translator! Continue reading

21Mar 2017
20 Essential Tools I Use For My Online Business. Part 1.

When you run an online business, choosing the rights tools for development, promotion, and managing your business is a vital part of an entrepreneurial activity.

Wisely selected tools can accelerate your business development and help to automate routine tasks.

Thus you will have more time for other important assignments.

In this article, I would like to share a list of the essential tools I use for my translation business. Continue reading

27Feb 2017
The Hidden Comment Marketing Power For Freelance Translators

A few months ago I was honored to become a moderator of an FB group “Successful Freelance Translators” (SFT) launched by Simon Akhrameev. If you are a freelance translator or you intend to become the one, and you are still not in this group, I would encourage you to become a member. You will get lots of useful information and tips on how to build your personal brand, start and promote your services. And it is the SFT group’s activity that inspired me to write this post about comment marketing. Continue reading

15Feb 2017
How to Create a Perfect Business Card for a Freelance Translator

Today many freelance translators work primarily through Internet, but it does not mean that you should limit your promotion efforts to online methods only. Therefore, business cards exchange still remains topical when it comes to personal meetings with potential clients. In this post, you will learn how to create a perfect business card for your freelance translation business. Continue reading

30Jan 2017
What Made Me Choose and Keep Translators as a Project Manager

Knowing how to sell your services to clients and, even more importantly, how to keep those customers, are vital to the success of any freelance language professional.

I had a short stint (about a year) as a translation project manager when I was transitioning from in-house work to full-time freelancing, waiting for business to pick up.

I managed over 100 projects, enough to have plenty of tips to share with fellow freelance translators… and a long list of horror stories.

While this advice is solely based on my personal experience, I’m sure it will apply to many project managers you are currently working (or hoping to work) with. Continue reading

10Jan 2017
5 Sad Mistakes Freelance Translators Make on Startup

I know there are dozens of posts published in this regard, but I would like to put in my two cents’ worth. Working as a translator for over 9 years, I have made many mistakes including business and communication mistakes and lapses.

But I always wanted to become a better specialist and, which is important, I learned from my mistakes. However, I regularly see how newbie freelance translators make the same mistakes over and over again. Continue reading

16Nov 2016

In the end of October, I suggested a concept of co-promotion for freelance translators in our SFT group on Facebook. The idea was simple: translators share the links to their resources (websites, FB pages, etc.) so that we can help each other improve our online presence and promote translation services on the web using likes, shares, comments, guest blogging and other methods. There were over 50 people willing to take part in the co-promotion activities and I hope there will be even more inspired freelance translators after we start the campaign. Continue reading

10Nov 2016
Best Paying Websites to Find Translation Job Online

Let me be honest, I created this title using keywords from Google analytics and Google Webmaster accounts set up for my personal business website —Russian Translator Pro. I regularly check my website statistics to see how people find me on the web. And these keywords were among other top traffic driving keywords.

Be patient, I will definitely tell you what is the best paying website for translators, but you may be surprised with the answer to this question. Continue reading

19Oct 2016
Getting Started With Twitter for Freelance Translators

For many people Twitter became a daily routine – they wake up in the morning and check Twitter before (or while) having their coffee. Twitter is among top 10 social networks with over 310 million monthly active users. You have 140 character per tweet and due to this limit, Twitter messages are kept compact and informative. If you never used Twitter before, you should definitely register an account for your translation business. Let me explain why you need a twitter account. Continue reading

31Aug 2016
How to Use Facebook to Boost Your Translation Business

Needless to say that Facebook is one of the largest social networks on earth. It offers multiple communication opportunities both for personal needs and for businesses. If you’re still not using a vast arsenal of Facebook features to boost your translation business – you are losing potential customers. You should definitely include Facebook promotion into your marketing plan and consistently follow it. In the today’s post, I would like to show you how to use Facebook to boost your translation business. Continue reading

29Jul 2016
How to Choose the Best WP Theme for a Translator’s Website

Choosing a WP theme is an important step during creation of a website for your freelance translation business. The theme is a visual representation of your website data and depending on theme functionality you will be able to create everything from simple blog to complex company portal. However, your goal is to create a website with several sections required for representation of your freelance translation business. Continue reading

22Jun 2016
5 Reasons Why it is Important to Register Your Freelance Translation Business

It’s been a while since I wrote a new post on, however, there was a good excuse for that – I decided to go to the next level and register as a self-employed entrepreneur with the right to hire employees. Registration process and all auxiliary arrangements took more time than I expected, therefore, I had no chance to write even a couple of words on the blog. Continue reading

03May 2016
First Steps to Building a Personal Brand as a Freelance Translator

Becoming a successful freelance translator is not an easy task. If you want to find better jobs, land better clients and grow your professional network you should definitely think about building your personal brand. The personal brand is a complex notion covering everything from recognizable design to expert knowledge and skills, online and offline reputation associated with your name. In this post, you will learn about the first steps you should make to start building your personal brand as a freelance translator. Continue reading

26Apr 2016

Some time ago Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova invited me to take part in a live talk show about translation and translators – BlabbingTranslators. Unfortunately, Elena was away. This time, Dmitry and I were talking about websites for translators. Today I would like to share a video record of this episode. In addition, before the show, Dmitry prepared a list of questions to discuss during this episode. We managed to cover many of them during the show, however, some questions fell out of the one-hour limit. For this reason, I decided to publish a textual form of questions with answers in addition to the video. In this post, you will find the answers to the most common questions about a personal website if you never built a website before and want to start one soon. Continue reading

18Apr 2016
40% Of Translators Are Not Satisfied With Their Rates

Recently I conducted a short survey to find out whether translators are satisfied with what they have now. I had certain assumptions and I wanted to find out the opinion of my colleagues about that. My survey consisted of five simple questions with multiple-choice answers. In general, I wanted to know what translators think about their current rates, workload, promotion and marketing for translation services, and use of personal websites. Continue reading