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Hey, I’m Simon – Your Instructor. Working as an in-house and freelance translator for more than 10 years, I have developed a unique approach to freelance translation business and I would like to share what I’ve learned with you. All blog posts and courses presented on this website are based on experience gained over the years of freelancing. A set of skills and expertise obtained here will definitely help you to level-up your translation business.

#BlabbingTranslators was the first live talk show about translation run by Russian translators Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova. Started in 2016, the show had one season with 19 episodes approximately 1-hour long each. The first season covered such topics as work and life balance, localization of video games, marketing for translators, the creation of a personal […]

Winter break is over and it is high time to set up the plans for the next year. As you know, the main purpose or this website and our community, in general, is to help translators succeed in the complex translation market conditions. So, in this post, I’ve prepared a list of activities aimed to educate freelance […]

If you are lucky enough to date a translator or if you are a translator yourself, you know what can make us happy: an endless supply of freshly ground coffee, a fast laptop and a reliable CAT tool (a real cat is a good supplement, by the way). But when it comes to holiday gifts […]

It’s not a secret that translating for direct clients is more profitable than working with intermediaries like translation agencies. For the last three years I gradually shifted from agencies to direct clients and today I’d like to share which client acquisition channels showed the best results in my freelance translation business during 2017 and which […]

Hi, SFT-ers! I have run a webinar about content marketing for freelance translators recently and I’d like to share the content of this webinar with those how did not have a chance to take part in a live session.  Today you will learn how to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy and implement it to […]

Today is a memorable day for Successful Freelance Translators group. We finally reached 4000 members! SFT group was established to help freelance translators become better entrepreneurs, find new clients and learn more about the specific nature of online business. Since the first day (26th of March 2016) we have been creating a community of translators ready […]