Food for thought

translator's communication failures

I receive messages from translators willing to work with me almost every day and there is nothing bad in trying to establish cooperation with fellow translators. Actually, the word of mouth and personal connections are among the most efficient methods to get more translation gigs in our competitive environment (based on my survey conducted among translators).

However, misusing this method may have an opposite effect. Intrusive and unsystematic communication may only harm your reputation. That’s why I decided to prepare a short list of Dos and Don’ts. Continue reading

Best Holiday Gifts for Translators

If you are lucky enough to date a translator or if you are a translator yourself, you know what can make us happy: an endless supply of freshly ground coffee, a fast laptop and a reliable CAT tool (a real cat is a good supplement, by the way).

But when it comes to holiday gifts it can be hard to find a present that is both pleasant and useful. Therefore, in this post, I’ve prepared several cool ideas about holiday gifts for translators. Continue reading

Best Paying Websites to Find Translation Job Online

Let me be honest, I created this title using keywords from Google analytics and Google Webmaster accounts set up for my personal business website —Russian Translator Pro. I regularly check my website statistics to see how people find me on the web. And these keywords were among other top traffic driving keywords.

Be patient, I will definitely tell you what is the best paying website for translators, but you may be surprised with the answer to this question. Continue reading

40% Of Translators Are Not Satisfied With Their Rates

Recently I conducted a short survey to find out whether translators are satisfied with what they have now. I had certain assumptions and I wanted to find out the opinion of my colleagues about that. My survey consisted of five simple questions with multiple-choice answers. In general, I wanted to know what translators think about their current rates, workload, promotion and marketing for translation services, and use of personal websites. Continue reading