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Best Paying Websites to Find Translation Job Online

Let me be honest, I created this title using keywords from Google analytics and Google Webmaster accounts set up for my personal business website —Russian Translator Pro. I regularly check my website statistics to see how people find me on the web. And these keywords were among other top traffic driving keywords.

Be patient, I will definitely tell you what is the best paying website for translators, but you may be surprised with the answer to this question. Continue reading

40% Of Translators Are Not Satisfied With Their Rates

Recently I conducted a short survey to find out whether translators are satisfied with what they have now. I had certain assumptions and I wanted to find out the opinion of my colleagues about that. My survey consisted of five simple questions with multiple-choice answers. In general, I wanted to know what translators think about their current rates, workload, promotion and marketing for translation services, and use of personal websites. Continue reading