#BlabbingTranslators was the first live talk show about translation run by Russian translators Dmitry Kornyukhov and Elena Tereshchenkova. Started in 2016, the show had one season with 19 episodes approximately 1-hour long each.

The first season covered such topics as work and life balance, localization of video games, marketing for translators, the creation of a personal website for translators, diversification, industry conferences, future and past of our profession, and much more. 

You can watch all episodes here on SFT website.

The second season started with rebranding: now the show is called Translators on Air.

#BlabbingTranslators: On work and family feat Kozue Macmichael

#BlabbingTranslators On career decisions feat Sofia Polykreti

#BlabbingTranslatos On video game localization & local communities feat Sheila Gomes

#BlabbingTranslators on Diversification feat Eugenia Durante

#BlabbingTranslators On marketing challenges feat Paul Urwin

#BlabbingTranslators On adaptation in translation feat Lidia Pelayo

#BlabbingTranslators On translator conferences feat Caterina Saccani

#BlabbingTranslators On collaboration with colleagues feat @EmelineJamoul

#BlabbingTranslators On websites for translators feat Simon Akhrameev

#BlabbingTranslators On translating while travelling feat Alexandra Turner

#BlabbingTranslators on working with self published authors feat @eWordNews

#BlabbingTranslators On publishing a book of translators’ stories feat @Tetyana Struk and @Chudnovs

#BlabbingTranslators On diversification projects feat @Tesstranslates

#BlabbingTranslators On being a refugee mentor feat @CarissArabic

#BlabbingTranslators On translation industry’s past, present and future feat @VitekSteve

#BlabbingTranslators Surprise conversation with mystery guest

#BlabbingTranslators On coaching for translators feat @Coach4Tran

#BlabbingTranslators On creating useful resources for translators feat @Nikki Graham

#BlabbingTranslators Q&A with our awesome viewers feat @DKornyukhov and @etereshchenkova

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