Winter break is over and it is high time to set up the plans for the next year. As you know, the main purpose or this website and our community, in general, is to help translators succeed in the complex translation market conditions. So, in this post, I’ve prepared a list of activities aimed to educate freelance translator and help them with their online translation business.

But before we proceed to the plans, let’s look back and remember what we have learned in 2017

2017 Overview

Last year we have been working together on several marketing channels to establish a strong online presence and reach new customers. These channels included social media and websites.

If you missed those posts you can read them on my blog and watch two webinars if you like video content more.



Marketing and Business

There were 20 posts published during 2017; feel free to visit SFT blog to check them all.

SFT Plans for 2018

This year I’d like to spend more time on video content, more personalized approach to training through webinars and coaching for small groups of translators. I will also try to continue free promotion campaign for translators with some changes and updates.

Weekly Live Sessions

Producing more educational video content for translators is my key goal for 2018. For this purpose, I’m starting weekly live sessions to discuss important issues related to the translation industry, freelancing, small business development and similar topics.

I will start testing this format this week. You can join the private event called Musing on a translator’s CV scheduled on January 11, Thursday, 6 PM (GMT+6). All SFT group members will be able to join the live session. If you are not a member yet, feel free to apply here (it’s free).

Free Promotion for Translators

I’m also planning to continue with free promo campaign. We will focus on promoting LinkedIn profiles and Facebook pages as the most perspective channels to connect with direct clients on social media.

Webinars and small group training sessions

I have prepared a large course on freelancing for translators and I will be testing it in small groups starting from February. The course will be conducted in a form of private webinars with homework assignments and tests covering everything from personal branding to acquisition of clients and small business management.

Let’s discuss what else you’d like to see in SFT community during 2018. Post your comments below.

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