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Will a client pay for my services?

Every freelancer asked this question at least once in his/her career. This question is still topical for many of us – translators who work online. Everyone likes big projects, when contractual relations ensure safe payment, however, we all have to deal with short-term and relatively small tasks (50-200 bucks per project in my case), when signing an agreement is not feasible.

If you don’t have a documentary proof of services provided and your client lives on another side of the Earth, you may have certain doubts about being paid on time or being paid at all.

However, there is a secure option to ensure payment for your freelance services. This option is called “Escrow payment”. Continue reading

Winter break is over and it is high time to set up the plans for the next year. As you know, the main purpose or this website and our community, in general, is to help translators succeed in the complex translation market conditions. So, in this post, I’ve prepared a list of activities aimed to educate freelance translator and help them with their online translation business. Continue reading

For the last three years I gradually shifted from agencies to direct clients and today I’d like to share which client acquisition channels showed the best results in my freelance translation business during 2017 and which channels I’m planning to use in 2018.

It’s not a secret that translating for direct clients is more profitable than working with intermediaries like translation agencies.

For the last three years I gradually shifted from agencies to direct clients and today I’d like to share which client acquisition channels showed the best results in my freelance translation business during 2017 and which channels I’m planning to use in 2018. Continue reading

Content Marketing

Hi, SFT-ers! I have run a webinar about content marketing for freelance translators recently and I’d like to share the content of this webinar with those how did not have a chance to take part in a live session.  Today you will learn how to create a comprehensive content marketing strategy and implement it to your existing or future website.

In this webinar, we will consider three main stages of CM: Creation, Publishing, and Distribution of content.

This webinar is sponsored by Smartcat. So if you are looking for a reliable solution for your daily translation tasks — check out Smartcat. It’s free!

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22 Free Ways to Get Followers for Your Facebook Business Page

It is no surprise that entrepreneurs promoting their services via Facebook strive to optimize advertising costs. Though reducing them to zero is not possible for a sustainable business, there are some easy methods to promote your Facebook business page, get likes and quality followers for free.

In this post, I prepared a set of 22 free proven ways to attract new followers to your Facebook page that will enlarge your audience every day. Continue reading

Lessons I Learned From BP17 Translation Conference For Freelance Translators

As you may know, last week I took part in a translation conference for freelance translators held in Budapest.

This was my first international conference, moreover, I was invited as a speaker. I was really excited about that and, at the same time, I felt so nervous that I could not sleep well during the last several days before the conference.

Eventually, it was one of the most amazing experiences I ever had! It relates not only to the conference and all awesome people I met there but to the city of Budapest itself. Continue reading

20 Essential Tools I Use For My Online Business. Part 1.

When you run an online business, choosing the rights tools for development, promotion, and managing your business is a vital part of an entrepreneurial activity.

Wisely selected tools can accelerate your business development and help to automate routine tasks.

Thus you will have more time for other important assignments.

In this article, I would like to share a list of the essential tools I use for my translation business. Continue reading

5 Sad Mistakes Freelance Translators Make on Startup

I know there are dozens of posts published in this regard, but I would like to put in my two cents’ worth. Working as a translator for over 9 years, I have made many mistakes including business and communication mistakes and lapses.

But I always wanted to become a better specialist and, which is important, I learned from my mistakes. However, I regularly see how newbie freelance translators make the same mistakes over and over again. Continue reading

Getting Started With Twitter for Freelance Translators

For many people Twitter became a daily routine – they wake up in the morning and check Twitter before (or while) having their coffee. Twitter is among top 10 social networks with over 310 million monthly active users. You have 140 character per tweet and due to this limit, Twitter messages are kept compact and informative. If you never used Twitter before, you should definitely register an account for your translation business. Let me explain why you need a twitter account. Continue reading