It is no surprise that entrepreneurs promoting their services via Facebook strive to optimize advertising costs. Though reducing them to zero is not possible for a sustainable business, there are some easy methods to promote your Facebook business page, get likes and quality followers for free.

In this post, I prepared a set of 22 free proven ways to attract new followers to your Facebook page that will enlarge your audience every day.

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Things to do on Facebook

  1. The first and probably the most important tip is to keep the number of your promotional posts to a minimum. I know, you’re a passionate freelance translator, and you have a lot of information to share about your translation business, but the truth is simple — no one likes advertisements!

According to social media surveys, people on Facebook are looking for entertaining content, eye-catching images, and interesting stories.

Therefore, when you develop a content plan for your Facebook page, prepare 80% of educational, fun posts with pictures and short stories, and only 20% of posts to promote your services (special offers, press-release, service description, etc.).

  1. Publish pictures and videos with a short description. Images and videos are the most engaging types of content people like on Facebook. If you want to attract more visitors to your posts, publish attention-grabbing pictures with a short description or videos up to 1-minute long. Of course, the content shall be relevant to your niche.
  1. When you have a business page created, add a link to your page as your current place of work in the About section of your personal profile.FB personal profile
  1. Like other pages in your niche and business pages of your potential customers on behalf of your page. To do so, navigate to a page of your interest, click the Menu button next to Share button and select “Like as your page” option. This way you will show your interest to page admins. Also, this can be a good starting point for the further discussion and cooperation.Like as your page

You can also comment on other pages and posts on behalf of your business page to get even more exposure.Comment as page

  1. Mention other pages in your posts. When you mention other pages in your posts using @ symbol, your posts appear on the wall of the tagged pages and may capture the attention of those pages’ owners and fans.tag pages
  1. Contact admins of similar pages in your niche. Arrange for cross-promotion of posts to help each other with page development.
  1. Connect with group admins. Facebook groups is a powerful marketing channel. Try to reach out to group admins and moderators to offer valuable content for their readers. If you prove to be an authoritative source of information in their industry, you can ask them to share a link to your business page in their groups.
  1. Join industry-specific Facebook groups, post relevant content, and comment on group discussions. You can attract an interest of group members by posting thoughtful comments and valuable posts. When interested, people will hover over your profile link and see your business page URL (your place of work). That’s why you should add it to your personal Facebook profile.
  1. Offer an exclusive discount just for your Facebook fans. Currently, Facebook page interface offers an option to create a time-limited offer: indicate timing, add a link to your website and ask to like your page for a discount.create offer
  1. Analyze your posts engagement using Facebook Insights to find out which content performs best. Find the posts that have received more likes, shares, and comment than others. Then adjust your content plan respectively by posting such types of content more often.Facebook page insights
  1. Include your business page URL on every image you share on Facebook. When people share your images, they will share your page URL as well.
  1. Add “Like my Page” call-to-action to your Facebook page cover

Things to do out of Facebook

  1. Promote your page on other social media platforms. You can easily boost your Facebook page likes by asking other followers from Twitter, LinkedIn, and other social media platforms to like your business page.
  1. Leave thoughtful comments on popular blogs in your niche (both translation-related blogs and blogs of your potential customers). Some blogs have a special URL field in a comment form where you can add a link to your Facebook page.
  1. Add your Facebook business page link to all your marketing materials: business card, booklets, and other marketing kit materials you might be using.
  1. Place a link to a Facebook page into your email signature.
  1. Suggest to like your page to your existing customers via email. Send a brief message inviting your contacts to connect with your business on Facebook.
  1. Include a link to your Facebook page in the author bio of your guest posts.

Things to do on your website

  1. Use Facebook’s Page Plugin on your website or blog. It is simple to integrate this code into your WordPress website. Copy and paste your Facebook page link into a Page Plugin code generator (follow the link above) and copy two pieces of code to your website. You can use a standard WordPress text widget to place it in a blog sidebar.

This plugin has two positive effects: social proof (showing the number of followers) and like magnet — your site visitors will be able to like your Facebook page without living your site.

  1. Set up a pop-up message on your website with an invitation to follow your Facebook page. I know, pop-ups are a bit annoying, however, there are still very efficient! You can offer to like your Facebook business page in exchange for some discount or other benefits. There are plenty of WordPress plugins to integrate pop-ups into a website.
  1. Embed your Facebook video posts onto your site or blog. This is a great way to promote your Facebook page to your website visitors. If you produce video content for marketing purposes, you can use Facebook as an alternative to YouTube channel and integrate your videos right from your Facebook page.
  1. Add a link to Facebook Page on your website’s contact page or social media section to drive traffic to your Facebook page.

All these free methods can be applied to attract likes and quality followers to your page, and they will definitely help you grow your business through Facebook. However, you should remember that the number of likes does not mean anything without conversion. Offer exclusive, valuable and problem-solving content to your audience, engage with your potential customers and try to provide exceptional services all the time — all this in combination with the above methods will make your freelance business flourish.

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