Help Fellow Translators and be Promoted by SFT Members!


  • On Mondays, we will promote websites of our group members. When you see a Monday website promo post you are welcome to do the following:

    • Visit the website
    • Look through blog posts (if any)
    • Leave a comment on a blog post you liked
    • Share the post on Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn with #xl8promote hashtag

    If there is no blog, just share a homepage with the same #xl8promote hashtag

    Contact website owner to discuss guest blogging opportunities.

  • On Tuesdays, we will promote your blogs. This can be either a new post or an old one. When you see a Tuesday promo post you are welcome to do the following:

    • Visit the post and read it
    • Leave a comment on a blog post
    • Share this post on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn with #xl8promote hashtag
  • On Wednesdays, we will promote your Facebook business pages. How you can help: if you see this promo post, you are welcome to like the business page. This is the only action required to take part in this part of promo campaign.

  • On Thursdays, we will promote your Twitter account. You can share a link to your Twitter profile in a comment section of the promo post.

    You are encouraged to:

    • Visit Twitter profiles of SFT-ers
    • Follow them
    • Like and retweet at least one of twitter posts
  • On Fridays, we can experiment with over social networks, such as LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, etc. I will post relevant instructions directly in a Friday promo post.


You are welcome to submit your proposal for guest posting on SFT website. I will be posting one-two guest blog posts on SFT website per month. Feel free to contact me with your suggestions. I will be glad to review them and publish your post on SFT website in a separate guest blogging category. In this case be ready to host my guest post on your website too. 

Please, include the following information in your message:

- Topic of your guest post (it should be somehow related to translation and/or freelancing)

- A link to the relevant post on your website or to your homepage

- When approved, you can start writing your guest post.

The post should contain at least 600 words, include title, subtitle, and one cover image (800×800 px.).