Today is a memorable day for Successful Freelance Translators group. We finally reached 4000 members!

SFT group was established to help freelance translators become better entrepreneurs, find new clients and learn more about the specific nature of online business. Since the first day (26th of March 2016) we have been creating a community of translators ready to help each other with sound advice; thanks to the efforts of our members the group was nominated for Community Choice Awards 2017.

During the last several months we have been conducting various free promotions events for SFT members and a challenge (Facebook Business Page Development) that is still on. You can find Challenge posts here:

Part 1: Development and Promotion of Facebook Business Page for Translators

Part 2: Facebook Page General Settings

Part 3 Facebook Page Settings (continued)

It is easier to see how much we have done in figures, therefore, let’s take a look at group statistics.

Overview of Group Statistics

Successful freelance translator

  • 13000 Reactions
  • 1834 Posts

  • 3800 Сomments

  • 658 Commenters

  • 1364 Reactors

  • 411 Authors

Moreover, we have 2600 active monthly members with ~100 new posts per month.

Top Contributors

We would never achieve such results without our top contributors. Of course, there are much more people who form the core of our group, but in this post, I would like to mention the most active 10 members:

Alessandra Checcarelli: conference interpreter and translator, SFT group Admin

Vova Zakharov: SFT group Admin, Community Manager of our good friend and supporter SmartCat. SmartCat is a free powerful CAT tool and a platform for translators, where you can find new clients and get paid without a fuss.

Flavia Luz: professional English<>Portuguese translator, SFT group Admin.

Paige DygertIT-EN and ES-EN Attorney-Translator, specializing in translations performed only by qualified, licensed attorney-linguists. Loves orange tiger cats, the color turquoise and anything Italian.

Hanna Sles: Russian and Ukranian translator and localization specialist, blogger, SFT group Admin.

Jonathan Downie: interpreter, awesome public speaker with an incredible sense of humor. It was a pleasure to meet Jonathan at Translation Conference in Budapest.

Márcia Nabrzecki: English to Brazilian Portuguese translator and co-organizer of ConVTI-2017, a virtual translation and interpreting conference that will be held on August 26-27, 2017.

Sarah Hoffmann

Daniel Ørum: owner of DO Translations company.

Ginna MaOwner of Context in Translation. SP<>EN translator.

Thanks a lot for your help. I truly appreciate your contribution and I hope you will continue to be active members and help our group to improve further.

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