Promotion for Translators


Today is a memorable day for Successful Freelance Translators group. We finally reached 4000 members!

SFT group was established to help freelance translators become better entrepreneurs, find new clients and learn more about the specific nature of online business. Since the first day (26th of March 2016) we have been creating a community of translators ready to help each other with sound advice; thanks to the efforts of our members the group was nominated for Community Choice Awards 2017. Continue reading


In the end of October, I suggested a concept of co-promotion for freelance translators in our SFT group on Facebook. The idea was simple: translators share the links to their resources (websites, FB pages, etc.) so that we can help each other improve our online presence and promote translation services on the web using likes, shares, comments, guest blogging and other methods. There were over 50 people willing to take part in the co-promotion activities and I hope there will be even more inspired freelance translators after we start the campaign. Continue reading