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Simon Akhrameev
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06/02/2017 1:07 pm  
Dear friends, you did a great job promoting the resources of our fellow translators since November 2016. I'm sure our efforts helped many translators feel more confident in the world of social media and online promotion. I hope we also helped to enhance online visibility of your business profiles. I think together we can achieve even better results and I will definitely continue the work in this direction. But I think we need to fine-tune the promotion process.
As was rightly noted by Perez, some of the members are very active, the others remain idle. In think, it will be fair to pay more attention to our most active contributors as an incentive for those who were not very active. The problem was in the fact that Facebook does not offer any analytical tools for groups and it is impossible to track activity manually due to a large number of posts published daily (from 2-3 posts and 5-10 comments on weekends to 15 posts and over 50 comments on the most active days).
I 've been searching for an analytical tool that could help me to analyze the activity of members and I've managed to find a good one. Currently, I'm analyzing our members' activity and, in fact, there were 1016 posts, 257 authors, 351 commenters, 727 likers. In general, there are about 1400 people who engaged with the group posts at least once. That means the rest 1000 people never took part in any activity in the group. In this regard, I will start removing inactive people from the group to keep the most enthusiastic translators ready to develop their business and help each other.
Don't worry! If you liked at least one post ever published in this group, I would not remove you.
The next step will include the following: identifying the most active members and preparing a list of top contributors. This list will have certain priveledges in terms of promotion and will be placed on top of other members on our Promo List. Everyone can get into this list based on the activity metrics, in other words, based on the rating. I will update the 'Top Contributors' list once per month based on a running total method. Metrics will change depending on the person's activity, the limiting threshold should be around 100.
The analytics system automatically calculates your rating as follows: Submitted to the community:
5× posts, + 2× likes + 3× comments
Received from the community:
4× shares + 3× comments + 2× likes + 1× comment likes.
At the time of this post, there are 50 people on top of this list with a rating ranging from 13064 (that's me 🙂 ) to 101 (Elena Boichenko). If you want to get into the 'Top Contributors' list, you should be more active - that is simple. I hope there will be more than 50 people on this list next month.
In addition to the above, I would like to introduce challenges. Most likely it would be monthly-type challenges for the members who managed to get into 'Top Contributors' list. We will be working on one certain topic together to achieve certain results. All participants will receive certificates and, I hope, the winners will get some sort of prices (TBD).
Let me know what you think about this in comments. I will try to take into account all of your suggestions. That's a tough decision, but I have to remove inactive members. It is better to have 1400 active participants than several thousand people who joined this group for no special reason.

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